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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Sid Lark
From: Toledo, Ohio
E-mail: SidLark709@gmail.com
I hunted Black Bear with North Maine Woods Guide Service during the last week of the 2014 season.

This was the second year that I hunted with Ron. I could hunt anywhere but chose to hunt with Ron again due to his professionalism and dedication.

I only hunt with a handgun which complictes all the variables. Once Ron understood my "mission" he went above and beyond to assist
me in my quest.

There are many unique challanges to hunting Black Bear with a hangun which Ron understood and went above and beyond to meet and exceed.

By mid week of my hunt I was successful in tagging a beautiful male Bear which is already at the Taxidermists in the process of becoming a full mount.

Everytime that I look at the mount I will reflect on the great week of hunting at North Maine Woods Guide Service to include Ron and his family.

As excited as I was to successfully tag my "handgun Bear", Ron was equally as jubilant. He and I became partners in my quest and his heartfelt enthusiasm was humbling.

Thanks Ron for all your efforts in creating special memories for me!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Al Larson
From: Niantic, CT
E-mail: larsonallen@sbcglobal.net
I hunted Black Bear for the first time this year with Ron and had a great time. I was able to take a beautiful sow. Ron works hard to put his hunters on bears and works just as hard to recover them. The bear I shot ran down a very steep embankment and across a steam. Ron brought a big tub/sled to float the bear back across so we wouldn't damage the hide. Aside from the hunting, his cabins are very nice also, he even changed his tv package so we could watch football. Thanks again Ron, I'll be back.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Tom Black
From: Marion, KY
E-mail: tomjunebllack@bellsouth.net
Thank you so very much for an unforgettable hunt. I couldn't have done it without you. We are looking forward to returning next season for another try. Thanks again.
Tom Black
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: tim wright
From: northdakota
E-mail: poorfarmer2008@yahoo.com
I had another great time this year. the autumn colors on the trees were incredible this year. I am looking forward to hunting with Ron again this year always five star hospitality.It is always a very relaxing vacation for me. I would recommend Ron over a lot other guides very professional and works very hard at what he does. He always goes above and beyond what you expect a guide to do to ensure a comfortable stay and a memorable hunt of a life time. Thanks for another great year and sign me up on another hunt for next year as I know bookings are filling up fast.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Sid Lark
From: Toledo Ohio
E-mail: SidLark@OhioDU.com
I hunted Black Bear with Ron Ricciardi the second week of September of 2013.

I have hunted with many guides/outfitters over a 40 year period and Ron was A+ all the way. I restricted myself to hunting with a handgun which brings with it a few unique challanges which Ron was more than willing to work with me on.

The area is fantastic as is the camp and the cabin was great with full accomodations. My wife was with me on this hunt and she was delighted with everything that the camp/cabin offered. When she is happy......... I am happy

The area is rich in larger than average Bears and the habitat is some of the best Bear country that I've ever hunted.

I highly recommend North Main Woods Guide Service and Ron Ricciardi. Ron will work hard to meet your expectations and in fact will likely exceed them.

The hunting operation is for "Trophy" quality animals so expect to hunt hard and follow Ron's advice. He wants you to take a trophy animal as much as you do and will do everything possible to make that happen.

Thanks for a great week Ron!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Shane Dufresne
From: CT
E-mail: shanedufresne@comcast.net
Another great year of bear hunting with Ron. I brought up my 3rd different hunting partner this year. Like the other 2, he shot a big bear. Although I did not get one this year, I saw a few. Since I shot my state record 536 pounder in 2008, I'm a little spoiled and more picky....lol....As always the food was great and the cabin was incredible. I'll be up in November for deer hunting....
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Joshua Galbraith/Dennis Eckert
From: Pennsylvania
E-mail: checknwings418@gmail.com
Although regrettably this was my first time attending the hunt with Ron my good friend Dennis has been making it a yearly trip for three years and both of us could not have been more impressed with Ron's ability as an outfitter. Dennis has brought down very nice bears in the past two years and has passed stories onto me that fueled my yearning to tag along for his yearly trip to the beautiful north Maine countryside. Due to an outstanding amount of natural food for the bears this season neither of us were able to bring a beauty down but that did not stop us from having the time of our lives. There is nothing that Ron did not try to do in order to attract the bears to us, but there is only so much you can do until its up to the bears themselves. We did see bear, although they came in slightly too late to shoot, which is more than any other outfitter could say for their bait sites. Even without bagging a bear the hunt was intense and exciting the whole way through and challenged you as a hunter to concentrate on bringing your A game and bettering your ability to become scent free to attract the bears. The cabins are incredibly well built and offer all the amenities of your own home! The Eagle lake area is beautiful and offers many possibilities for the outdoor connoisseur. There are numerous trails for riding atv's and dirtbikes along with plentiful fishing holes and trails to hike all around you. All in all my trip to the north woods of Maine was the best vacation I have taken to date and I will be booking my stay there shortly for the next season. Thankyou Ron and of course Nelson as well, you are both great guys and made my and Dennis's stay that much more enjoyable. See you next year!!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Luciano Sbroglia
From: Gurupi, Tocantins - Brasil
E-mail: m.subto@gmail.com
Simply awesome!!
Thanks Ron, for receiving me so well in his land and have made every effort to make my hunt was successful! Their dedication and commitment to their customer's that make all the difference. It is no wonder that you are considered one of the best big game hunting guides in Maine.
I left Brazil with a suitcase full of hope and expectation and came back with a beautiful trophy, thanks to his work.
Congratulations and thank you!
Next year I'll be out there to hunt a moose and possibly some White Tail Deer.
Wait for me!!

Luciano Sbroglia - Bowhunter
Gurupi TO - Brazil
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Nelson Neto Junior
From: Brazil
E-mail: nnjcustom@yahoo.com.br
September of 2012, my riend Luciano Sbroglia and I, both comes from Brazil, reached Eagle lake, excited with our most hunting defiance until now!
The American Black Bear hunting!!!!
A easygoing guy full of energy and sense of humor meet us in front the cabin, this guy was Ron Ricciardi, our Master guide.
The cabin was a delight, log home full of deer and bears trophies and the food..........excellent!
Just a couple time after our arriving Ron ask us:
- Are you ready for hunting?
- Sure, of course..........absolutely!!!!!
I got a Marlin model 336 in 35 Reminton caliber and Luciano grab your bow.
- So, lets go!
3 days pass and no one bear for Luciano, for me just a mamma bear and 3 cubs, it was the last week of bears season and of course we
need get our bears!
Whit a lot incentive, good humor, a lot of efforts and professionalism, Ron took us to different baits, so..........its happened!!!
In the penultimate day, I was in my bait........taking a nap and must be woke up by my self snoring (LOL) and I saw that beauty comes
to my bait, my hart starts pumping fast, she ( was a very fat female ) came smelling the air, stops and surreptitiously stars to walk in opposite direction!
She must be felt my smell, for sure!
So.......I hang on my breath and though.........
- Oh my God...........I'm going to loose it!
So, like a dream a tunnel trough the threes , branches and leafs opened, I pull the trigger and the 336 shot!
I herd the bear running a little bit and stops, I put another bullet in the chamber and I went down of the bait.
The bear was just a few yards from I`d shot it, just one shot into the hart, the 35 Remington works fine.
I thing it was near of the hunting ends time because was dark already, I walked until Ron`s truck and try to got him telling I won't has luck!
- Really?????
- Gotcha!!!!!
- I knew, your face is shinning, let's collect it!
Well, for cut a little bit, it was a beautiful female fat like a beer's barrel whit a wonderful fur weighing 245lb!!!!
But my friend Luciano don't had the same lucky.............yet!
Ron put Luciano in a place where a lot of great bears was photographed before, that was the last day of bear's season and back to Brazil
without a bear, would be sad.............a lot!
But Ron does everything right, of course, like a great Master Guide, he knew what Luciano going to got his bear, and the last day and hour
of bear's season, Luciano call us:
- Guys.............I got it, I got it !!!!!!
Ron and I runs to Luciano's bait and the beast was there, lay down on the forest soil a huge bear weighing 340lb!
A single accurate arrow pierced its heart!
Now I could see the same shine in Luciano's face!
Well, if you wants get you premium bear, I highly recommend Ron Ricciardi, with no doubts the best Master Guide I have meet in my life!
Beware moose, bears and deer, Ron Riccardi is the guide who going to put you guys on our ( hunters ) aims!
Thanks Ron, thanks again my friend!

Nelson Neto Junior
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: John Lynn
From: NH
E-mail: samlem@charter.net
Lucky enough to get a tag my first year of trying....yeah VERY lucky!!! Did my search of guides and Ron's name came up. Immediate response, great website and fantastic reviews. As I am a fairly new hunter I knew I needed the help of a good guide and I was NOT disappointed. I cannot say enough good things about Ron and his service. Accommodations outstanding, location great and Ron has more energy than any one person should have. He had to do a little hand wringing with my less than stellar shooting but I never felt anything from him but his desire to get me on a good moose and take home some meat for the freezer. Already thinking about another hunt with Ron. Highly recommend Ron without reservations!!!!
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